Redcliffe Caves Bristol Literary Festival

Bristol Festival of Literature

Redcliffe Caves have been used on four occasions as a venue for this event -


Photograph : Alan Gray (2012)

October 2012 - Crime in the Caves

Come below ground to our coolest venue and be entertained by these talented, local writers as they perform their work in the hidden depths of the city’s Redcliffe Caves. An eclectic mix of stories written to scare, inspire and stimulate.

The second of our adventures underground – this time in both senses as three glittering new and established crime writers from publishers Faber, joined by Bristol’s Gerry O’Donovan, take us below the surface to witness actions that want to stay hidden – even in broad daylight. Chilling.

October 2013 - Horror and Crime in the Caves

Bristol Writers Group return with their trademark mix of high quality shivers and mirth. Be provoked and prodded by these excellent grassroots writers at the heights of their powers, plus all the atmosphere of being underground.

Crime in the caves - Stav Sherez, Kate Griffin, Andrew Martin & Sarah Hilary with the Festival Actors

The depths of crime should never see the light of day. Or should they? Highly gifted authors from indie publisher Faber, on the dark side of humanity. With Festival Actors voicing the performances

20 October 2015

Strange and compelling tales in a unique subterranean setting. Not suitable for the nervous! Bring a chair, torch & warm clothing & sensible shoes.

25th October 2016, 8 – 9pm

Bring a folding chair and all the courage you can muster for a night of storytelling in Redcliffe Caves. Going Underground: Subterranean Tales features Bristol Writers Group and friends reading short stories and novel extracts by candlelight in the atmospheric setting of these man made red stone catacombs. Writers performing their work include Louise Gethin, Trevor Coombs and Piers Marter, Mike Manson, Terry Stew, Judy Darley & Sally Hare. Expect humour, a dash of violence and some truly haunting tales. Organiser Gavin Watkins says: “Allow yourself to be taken to unexplored depths as you hear about worlds created with words.”

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