Casualty Filmed in Redcliffe Caves


Uncertain if this is the correct episode

Episode shot in Redcliffe Caves in September 1994 - this episode broadcast November 1994

Series 9 Episode 8 - In the Black

Mike is called to the rescue when Josh is trapped underground with an injured miner. Brave paramedic Josh puts his life on the line when a man is trapped at the bottom of a mine shaft. Mike is called to the rescue, as he Josh face a tough bonfire night shift. Eddie Gordon loses her patience with a hysterical young girl brought in for biting a security guard's hand, after being caught shop lifting. When the girl's mother hears about the charges, she reveals the security guard is the girl's father and his wife is devastated. Ash's world is set to collapse when the police pay him a visit with regards to last Saturday's fight and he's taken away for questioning and Eddie makes the situation worst for him, when questioned.

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