When we went to school we wore gym slips, blazers, socks or stockings and often second hand shoes or boots. Many of us had two hats - one for the Sundays in winter, the other for summer. A real favourite garment was a velvet dress - usually bought to wear at Christmas, and then on Sundays. The dress was worn with a white pinafore, threaded with ribbon. As we became older, and more fashion conscious, we liked coats with baggy sleeves and fancy garters.

When I was a boy, I had only one suit to my name, as my mother was on the bottle from Monday to Sunday. I became older, and I had to keep my bits and pieces locked away, as she had the cheek to pawn my things for a drink.

On one occasion, I bought a suit for I shilling per week. I only wore it on Good Friday; the next day it was in the pawn shop.
So now I always accept items, and if they are any use to others in need, I will always pass it on.

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