Redcliffe Caves Art Installation Do Not Disturb

April 2011 - Do Not Disturb

The first night of Do not Disturb. The students have done a wonderful job from being led into a dark area you are escorted to the area near the shaft where, behind drapery, a lady is playing a haunting violin piece that has been especially composed for this event. During the most of the visit the students can be heard talking about their experiences of dreams via load speakers around the caves. Then on to a small chamber where there are bushes covered with lights. Past two video sequences and into the main chamber where an actor discussed the meanings of dreams in front of an inclined bed with a video sequence showing a sleeping person. When the actor finishes he disappears into the bed. Returning past two more video sequences to emerge from the caves after 20 minutes.

Downloaded from the Do Not Disturb Web site - Link Below

"A multimedia installation located in the depths of Redcliffe Caves, a physical exploration of the boundary between dreams and reality.
Do Not Disturb used multiple media platforms to immerse and intrigue a fully booked audience of 300+ over 30 performances in 5 days (April 11th-15th 2011). Each lasting around 25/30 minutes.
The production team comprised of 13 Media Practice students from Bristol UWE (12 graduates, 1 second year) who designed and created all aspects of the installation with an 'experience' in mind, spanning nearly 100m into the caves.
James Ashton acted as our 'dreamer'. Blasio Kavuma composed the violin solo & Tamilla Thomas performed the piece live.
The installation was reviewed by Venue magazine at 3/5 stars, and I am proud to present the documentation video to showcase what we created."

Video Link of the event - //

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