Events in Redcliffe Caves

Many types of event have been held in Redcliffe Caves; fully supported by Bristol City Council.

Procedure for Hiring Redcliffe Caves for Commercial Ventures

This procedure covers filming, art installations, ghost tours, performances, student projects and any other events that fall outside of the scope of a private non-commercial tour.

The caves are owned by Bristol City Council but the use of them is monitored and supervised by Axbridge Caving Group on behalf of the City Council.

1) Depending on whether your enquiry is regarding an event or a filming request, you must contact one of the following teams in the first instance:

Bristol City Council Events Team –

ku.vog.lotsirb|snoissimrep.etis#ku.vog.lotsirb|snoissimrep.etis, 0117 0117 903 7728

or Bristol Film Office –

ku.oc.lotsirbmlif|ofni#ku.oc.lotsirbmlif|ofni, 0117 9223958

2) The Events Team or Film Office will liaise with both Bristol Harbour Office and Axbridge Caving Group about your enquiry in order to check availability of the caves as well as suitability and other issues.

3) Providing that your activity is suitable and the caves are available, you will need to make an:

Event application (A £50-£100 application fee applies)

Filming Permit

for your activity within the designated time scales as determined by the Events Team or Film Office, who will continue to liaise with the Harbour Office and Axbridge Caving Group on your behalf. An application fee will apply. A hire fee might also apply and will be determined once your full application has been received.

4) As part of the application process, you will be expected to upload a full risk assessment for your use of the caves as well as other information as deemed appropriate including proof of Public Liability Insurance onto your event application.

5) As well as complying with general event management guidelines, there are some conditions and requirements that are specifically related to the use of Redcliffe Caves as a unique event and filming location in Bristol:

a) The caves are historic and must be treated with care and not damaged in any way. This means that if any installation is required it must be temporary and there will not be any drilling into or painting on the rock. The caves must be left exactly as they are found e.g. no litter or film set materials remaining. Bristol City Council may require a bond payment to be made in advance which will be used to clear the caves or rectify damage afterwards.

b) For the duration of each event the entrance gate must be left open (not locked) and manned at all times by a recognisable steward (a high visibility jacket is a minimum requirement).

c) Electricity is available from the box directly outside the caves (supplied to two sockets just inside the caves). Permission to use this must be sought through the application process and a charge for electricity used may be made after the event.

d) In all cases an acceptable level of lighting and backup lighting (as determined by Axbridge Caving Group) must be provided.

e) Attendees must be supervised at all times as it is easy to get lost in the caves. All users of the caves must be counted in and out to ensure that they do not get locked in.

f) Any attendees under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

g) Users of the caves must comply with all requests made by representatives of Bristol City Council or Axbridge Caving Group regarding the set-up of the activity and the way that it is managed. This may result in increased costs to cover additional supervision and/or equipment as necessary but these requirements will be discussed with the organiser in advance.

h) In addition to the charge made by Bristol City Council for the use of the caves, Axbridge Caving Group charge separately to cover their time in supervising the event and any pre-event site visits that are required. Arrangements for these should be made with Alan Gray, Chairman of Axbridge Caving Group - moc.oohay|hcraeserdnasruot#moc.oohay|hcraeserdnasruot

Plan of the Main Chamber & Power

The majority of events are held in the Main Chamber (the largest space in the caves) below is a plan with dimensions. Power is available from two sockets on the RHS just after entering the caves.

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