Food Shopping

The meals we had were good ones - hot solid meals such as steamed meat pudding, roast beef and yorkshire pudding on Sundays with plenty of vegetables, and also rice pudding, suet puddings and fruit pies.

Some of the memories which come flooding back include: Hot porridge with milk and sugar in the early morning.

School dinners.

School milk - a third of a pint each, which was free.

A hot meal when home from school - quite often rabbit stew, or rabbit pie, and a good plum duff or syrup pudding.

A bed - time drink of recently introduced Horlicks.

Home made cakes - the lovely smell on baking days.

Virol cod lover oil and malt to keep colds away - in addition to very smelly camphor round the neck on a string!

Street vendors selling hot chestnuts.

Walls “Stop me and buy on” ice creams.

Hot cross buns on Good Friday.

War time powdered egg, which I really liked, especially when made into scrambled egg. And the rationing, which meant no bananas, and we had to queue for sweets.

There were no super markets, and no packaging as we have today.

I remember the grocer in the corner shop cutting the butter from a big block, patting it into shape.

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