Ghost Hunter Filmed in Redcliffe Caves

The Ghost Hunter (2000)

Roddy and Tessa Oliver, two ordinary children whose lives are turned upside down when William Povey, a shoeshine boy from Victorian England appears in Roddy's bedroom as a ghost and appeals to him for help. The Ghost Hunter is searching for William in order to obtain 'spectral energy' which is only obtainable from capturing ghosts.

Series 1 Episode 4

The Hunt for Mrs Croker

William feels uneasy when De Sniff takes over the running of the shop, especially as Mrs Croker is still at large, but it's Tessa who falls foul of the evil pair.

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Series 1 Episode 5

Chillwood Castle

Roddy's visit to Chillwood Castle produces crucial information as the night of the summer solstice draws near…

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