Being Human Filmed in Redcliffe Caves

Being Human

Being Human is a British supernatural drama television series. The show blends elements of flatshare comedy and horror drama. A ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire) – all of whom share flat in Bristol and attempt as best as they can to live a "normal" life and blend in with the ordinary humans around them.

Being Human: Season 4, Episode 1 - Eve of the War

The year is 2037 and the vampires have taken over all the major cities of the world, New York has just fallen and a group of resistance fighters is still underground in London.

In the present Annie, Tom and George look after George's baby Eve after Nina has been murdered by vampires. Despite her parentage the child is fully human with no werewolf traits but vampire leader Griffin still wants her dead as, according to kindly vampire archivist Regus, she will save the world from his kind. Griffin takes her but, thanks to Regus and disgruntled young vampire Dewi, she is saved and Griffin killed though George too pays the price. On the other side of the country a ghost called Pearl, elderly werewolf Leo and young vampire Hal are also seen to share a house.


Photographs : The resistance fighters underground base in London - Alan Gray

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