Spirits of The Jaguar Filmed in Redcliffe Caves

Spirits of the Jaguar

Spirits of the Jaguar Central America is the subject of the four-part Spirits of the Jaguar, which begins with Mayan creation myths about a battle between gods leading to the formation of the Earth. In fact, the islands of the Caribbean were forged by volcanoes 150 million years ago, with plant and animal life following some 70 million years later. Typical of the BBC Atlas of the Natural World series is Jaguar’s extraordinary photography: frogs and insects suddenly caught in flowing tree sap, crocodiles leaping to pull prey from trees. The story of the Mayans—farmers, astronomers, inventors—moving from the deserts of Mexico down to the jungles of Central America, their lives sustained by slash-and-burn agriculture and good nutrition, is thoroughly covered. So is the tale of the lost civilization of the Aztecs, wanderers for ten generations, who viewed themselves as a chosen people, acted as extinguishers of other peoples in Mexico, and were themselves ultimately destroyed by Spanish conquistadors.

Episode 3 of 4 - Hunters of the Caribbean Sea

The evolution of the Taino civilization. The Taino were the first inhabitants of the Caribbean some 2000 years ago, and their way of life was destroyed with the arrival of European explorers. The hour examines marine life that provided food for the Amerindians.

Link - You Tube - https://youtu.be/OhsgejRgkcM

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