Redcliffe Caves Radio Broadcasts


3 June 1996 Tony O’Reilly gave a ten minute talk to John Turner (Radio Bristol)

11 November 2003 –Alan Gray and Trevor Fry (Radio Bristol).

Spent about 2 hours wandering around the caves with Trevor. We were recording a series of four 15 minute programmes for Radio Bristol. The first broadcast was at 3pm today and the remaining three will be broadcast over the next three weeks.

14 September 2004 – Redcliffe Caves – Alan Gray

BBC Radio Bristol interview – Redcliffe Caves

7 October 2004 – Redcliffe Caves – Alan Gray, Elise Raynor

An hour long interview for Radio Bristol this will be broadcast during this week. I told some different stories than those given on the interview to Trevor Fry on 11 November 2003.

24 March 2005 - Redcliffe Caves – Alan Gray

Radio Bristol were running a series of competitions – one of the prizes being a guided tour of Redcliffe Caves. Very quick interview with the winner of the competition, and myself by a Radio Bristol presenter.

6 January 2017 - BBC Open Country - Underground Bristol

Think of Bristol and the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge and St Mary Redcliffe church may be on your list to visit. But what lies beneath? Tunnels, caves and waterways lie hidden, explored by some and missed by many. For those who know tickets on rare open days are snapped up like hot cakes. Helen Mark invites you to explore some of these gems that lie out of sight to explore the myth and history behind them.

She starts at the Redcliffe Caves whose 'rabbit warren' under the streets above reveals more about the city's ancient trades but has a modern life as a film set and theatre location. Yet the magical Goldney Grotto - lined with shells from faraway lands - could conjure images of fairytales but has its closest connection to Robinson Crusoe. While Clifton Rocks Railway - which had to remain hidden within the gorge cliffs - failed as a business, it had two new lives helping to save the lives of others.

No wonder there's so much curiosity about these hidden places!

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