Redcliffe Lunch Club

Kelly Sheppard, who came on a guided tour of Redcliffe Caves, kindly sent this to me and said that I could publish it.

It was typed up in 1997 by myself-Kelly Sheppard and my boyfriend (first love!) at the time Steven Fletcher. There was a group of Sixth form volunteers who would go to the Methodist Church which is still by the pub (forgotten the name but it's on the corner facing the Redcliffe Church yard) [The Ship Inn] and we would help serve hot meals to the local senior citizens and also get a free meal. We sat with them on the tables and many of them were originally from the Redcliffe, Bedminster ad surrounding area's. I believe that the Memories Booklet was done for the benefit of the lunch club visitors and I can't remember if it was bound or if it was part of a more formal book. My school is called St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School, Somerset Sq. If you could credit my partner Simon Williams as well then that would be great thanks. I am a hopeless techniphobe/Luddite when it come to PC's and he was the person who scanned the memories!


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