Shoestring filmed in Redcliffe Caves


Shoestring was a BBC television show set in Bristol. It featured a private detective with his own show on Radio West, the local radio station.

Find the Lady (Season One, Episode 9)

Rock singer Toola (Toyah Willcox)asks Eddie to dissuade her sacked bass player Mole from his belief that his beauty queen girlfriend Chrissie was killed out of jealousy by the band's manager Malcolm Kenrick. Mole is persistent despite a beach photographer showing Eddie a recent picture of Chrissie and the lady herself being introduced to the private eye. When Mole is killed,apparently the victim of a drug overdose,Eddie sees that he stumbled on something Kenrick wished to keep quiet and that he was right in his accusation.

Redcliffe Caves, Redcliffe Parade, Bristol, England, UK (Mole finds the cave-like drugs factory and helps himself to Kenrick's drugs; Kenrick's men load the drugs into the truck)

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