Shopping In Redcliffe

Today there are very few shops in the Redcliffe area, but in the days before the big stores and super markets everything was on hand locally.

We remember:

Mr Tite, Somerset Street Redcliffe BSI. Small Shop (sold everything).
Pages, Redcliffe Hill, Redcliffe BS1. Grocery, Cooked meat etc.
Pines, Bedminster Bridge. Grocery, Dried fruit etc.
Mills, Redcliffe Hill BSI. Grocery , Dried fruit , etc.
Derrick Brothers, Cathay, Redcliffe BS 1. Fruit , Vegetables , Wet fish.
Pitch ford, Cathay, Redcliffe. Hardware , China , Paraffin , Gas mantles.
Smailcombe, Cathay, Redcliffe BS1. Butcher.
Hardings, Cathay, Redcliffe BSI. Butcher.
“Bell Inn”, Prewett Street, l Redcliffe BS1.
“Beehive”, Redcliffe Hill BS1. Drapers.
“Dobois”, Redcliffe Hill BSI. Ladies fashion.
Haylocks, Redcliffe Hill BSI. Shoe Shop
Haynes, Redcliffe Hill BS1. Faggot and Pea Shop
Moody’s, Cathay, Redcliffe. Groceries etc.
Gallows, Cathay, Redcliffe, Baker.
The Miss Dancy. Fish and chips and scrumps.
Jacks, Cathay. Ice cream and sweets.
Dick Cole. Chimney sweep.
The Ship Inn, Cathay. Once a week drink with mother.
Parrs, Cathay. Newsagent.
Haylock, Redcliffe Hill. Boots and shoes etc.
Pembury. Cooked meat, pigs’ feet, pigs’ tails, all hot.
Lewis, Redcliffe Hill. Chemist.
Jenkins, Redcliffe Hill. Florist.
Spriggs, Clothes etc.
Boards, Phippen Street, Radcliffe. Pawn Broker.
Shaddick, Reddiffe Hill. Boot and shoe repairer.
Pendock. Radio requirements.
John James. Television repairs.
Florence, Redcliffe Hill. Hats.
Strode, Cost and Pen fold, Redcliffe Hill. Chemist.

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