Smuggler Filmed in Redcliffe Caves


Set in 1802, this fast-paced swashbuckler chronicles the adventures of ex-British naval officer turned smuggler Jack Vincent as he eludes revenue officers along the coast of England. A headstrong loner, Vincent frequently finds himself entangled in the espionage war between England and France in this early part of the Napoleon Era.

Episode 2

The Right Price Part 2

Vincent finds himself in trouble with the Kemble Gang and almost facing death. Can petty theif Honesty Evans save him?

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Episode 4

The Respectable Traitor Part 1

Sarah Morton asks Jack to help clear the name of her grandfather, who stands accused of being a French spy.

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Episode 8

The Missing Princess

Jack and Honesty find themselves in danger after Honesty falls for a well-to-do girl called Sophia.

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