The Sparticle Mystery Filmed in Redcliffe Caves

The Sparticle Mystery

The series follows a group of ten children within modern Britain, where an experiment at a Large Hadron Collider-like facility, named the Sparticle Project, goes wrong, sending all persons aged 15 and over into a parallel dimension at exactly 11:11am. The children travel to the Sparticle Project in attempt to bring back the adults and re-align the two dimensions.

Series 1 Episode 1 - The Disappearance

When a group of children return to the surface of a day out trip they won, every single person over 15 has disappeared. Meanwhile Kat and her mum and sister argue. She turns around and find out that they, too, are gone. The kids who'd been in the cave - Ami, Sadiq, Reese, Jordan and Callum - take a car to see what is going on but while going to the police station, Callum decides to leave. Sadiq calls for him and Callum almost hits Sadiq with a brick on purpose. They leave the car and enter a supermarket at Ami's request. Kat finds her next door neighbour, Liam, trapped in his room because his mother grounded him for 5 minutes. She lets him out and they find an ice-cream van. After she gives Liam an ice-cream, they head to the supermarket. Just before Sadiq puts his hand in the till, Kat appears and confronts him.

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Photograph : Alan Gray

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