The Sparticle Mystery Filmed in Redcliffe Caves

The Sparticle Mystery

The series follows a group of ten children within modern Britain, where an experiment at a Large Hadron Collider-like facility, named the Sparticle Project, goes wrong, sending all persons aged 15 and over into a parallel dimension at exactly 11:11am. The children travel to the Sparticle Project in attempt to bring back the adults and re-align the two dimensions.

Series 1 Episode 13 - The Sparticle Project

The Questers and Ranchers are reunited at Black Tor Mine where the adults were separated from the children by the machine of the Sparticle Project. But another tribe - the Mystic Moles, who are the children of the scientists working there - won't let anyone through the doors. Callum arrives with the dictaphone. The Sparticles face a series of challenges before they get to their greatest obstacle. Although they are successful reuniting the worlds, they are still unstable. Elsewhere, Reese and Holly came across a electricity leak. Reese and Muna use their powers to hold the electricity in place. But the reunitation process takes to long and destroys Muna. Reese tries to hold the electricity in place on her own, despite Holly's protest. In the control room, Kat, Sadiq and the adults watch the event while Liam, Frankie, Ami, Jordan, Jeffrey and Dora attempt to hold the Luminite in place. Kat tries to convince her dad to shut down the Sparticle Project and save Reese. The adults attempt to stop him, but he shuts down the project, saving Reese. This disrupts the realignment process and the two world split again. Doomsday Dora tells the Questers to travel to the Quantum Nexus (hinting a second series). Just before Kat's dad disappears, he gives her a code to shut down the world's nuclear power plants. Sadiq comforts her about the failed realignment. The Sparticles regroup and Liam suggests the group should journey to the Quantum Nexus and attempt to bring the adults back again.

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