Redcliffe Caves Art Installation The Ithaca Axis

April 2013 - The Ithaca Axis


Photographs of the Props : Alan Gray

"The play is called The Ithaca Axis. Odysseus has journeyed for many years conquering far away lands and fantastical creatures. From gold gilded temples through vast wild forests and over mighty peaks he has travelled with his crew. But always his mind wanders back to his wife and children at home. Citywide site-specific performance - A Tale of Migration, Power, Family and Home Braving the wrath of the Gods, Odysseus has returned to the ancient kingdom of Ithaca - now modern day Bristol - to reclaim his seat of power within the Poseidon Foundation. But is he still welcome? Follow the stories of Odysseus, Penelope, Telemarchus & Cassandra as they head towards the culmination of their tale; The Ithaca Axis.
An incredible journey taking place through several, secret locations across Bristol. Part theatre, part adventure, The Ithaca Axis is a modern reinvention of the Epic myth 'The Odyssey'."

One of the venues being Redcliffe Caves. The props used in the caves were mainly large children’s dolls with the head removed and fitted with a stuffed animals head – fox, goat etc. – very strange.

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